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Our company specializes in remote accounting services. Relax and let our team of experienced accountants handle your bookkeeping tasks.

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Who We Are

Rapid Hires, LLC is a company in Miami, Florida that specializes in flexible, remote accounting services designed to remove the steep overhead that typically goes along with accounting and financial services. All accounting work is performed in the United States, so you can rest easy knowing that your financial records are safe with us and never outsourced.

All of our staff are highly trained and skilled at helping small and mid-sized businesses like yours thrive with accurate invoicing and accounts payable management, among others. By hiring the best of the best, we can offer every customer the gold standard in versatile small business accounting solutions.

Babette Wilson, Accountant

Career Experience

Babette Wilson has a varied professional background and has more than 12 years of work experience. She started in the field of federal probation work right out of college, and she had an interest in forensic accounting. After working in the field for 2 years, she decided that the line of work was not for her.

She leaned towards a general accounting focus at that time and worked in corporate America performing Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) at different companies for nearly 10 years. 

Starting Rapid Hires, LLC

After gaining the experience needed, she wanted more of a leadership role, so she developed Rapid Hires, LLC in 2018. The company started with just her performing freelance work with various accounting functions for small business owners and developed into a full-time business in 2019.

Babette realized that she enjoyed working and helping small business owners reach their business goals and grow their bottom lines.

A Message From Babette Wilson

“I really appreciate being able to help other small business owners. The satisfaction of helping small businesses meet their goals is priceless. It's more than just a business to them. Oftentimes, it's their dream and legacy. I am very grateful for my clients.”

Mission Statement

We aim to be the best in compliance and financial advisory of accounting services.

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